Group Institute International: Our people

The two company directors are T. Martin Ringer BE (Hons), Med. Member ISPSO and Dr Francoise Ringer, PhD, clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Martin Ringer

Martin has operated his own independent management consulting and training & development business for since 1993. The business operated from Perth, Western Australia for nine years and then Auckland, New Zealand for nine years before moving back to Perth. Since 2004 increasing international business also led to the establishment of a base in France. Past and present clients include the Gorgon LNG joint venture governance team (Chevron, Shell and ExxonMobil), the Wheatstone Joint Venture governance team (Chevron, Apache and KUFPEC), WorleyParsons (New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Abu Dhabi), Plexal Group, PSN, Telstra and Murdoch Hospice.

Martin has experience as a manager, trainer and consultant both in the public and private sector as well as ten years experience as a part time university lecturer in group process. He has run training groups and consultancy projects in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, the USA, England, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Finland, Turkey and South Africa. He has presented dozens of keynote speeches and over forty workshops on working with groups, teams, organizations and experiential learning at international conferences. More than a dozen of his articles on groups, experiential learning and organizational culture have appeared in international publications, and many more articles have been published in Australia. His book "Group Action:.." which describes the dynamics of teams and groups was published in 2002. Martin has served on the editorial boards of numerous journals.


Life is not all about work. Martin spends a significant amount of time writing scientific articles about the dynamics of organizations and is currently writing two books - one fiction and one non-fiction - about how organizations and communities come unstuck through failure to think together. On a more physical level Martin creates sculptures out of stone using traditional hand craft techniques. An example appears below.

Living in France and working from an idyllic rural base in the French countryside for a part of each year creates a refreshing change, along with the challenges of attempting to deal with conversations in rapid colloquial French and tussling with all that is involved in renovating traditional stone buildings.

For photos of some of my sculptures see my sculpture album on facebook 

M Ringer Granite Sculpture 2010


Dr Francoise Ringer

Dr Francoise Ringer, PhD
Retired (late 2017) Clinical Psychologist
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
francoise"at" (replace "at" with "@")

Francoise is originally from Belgium where she graduated in Clinical Psychology and Educational Science.  She also trained as a psychotherapist in the psychoanalytic field (Freudian and Lacanian)

Her professional experience of 35 years has been varied and has often combined psychological treatment with research, training and teaching.  It covers a broad range of disciplines such as university student support services, mental health centres, association for mentally handicap people (early childhood centre), birth centre, Institute for child and family development, incest-victims support programme, schools, Universites and training centres and private clinical practice.

In 1990 she moved to Australia where she run a private practice and achieved a PhD in psychotherapy.  Her PhD research was on early attachment and eating disorders, comparing patterns of adult attachment for women with anorexia and bulimia.

Francoise has also developed managerial skills by running her own business, as well as taking an active role in organising an international conference (psychological aspects of pregnancy and birth giving), chairing the continuing education committee of a professional association for psychotherapists, and managing the psychologists' team in a student support service.
Her experience in group work includes running workshops and training programmes both in mental health and corporate settings.

She currently runs a private practice, supervises psychologists, psychotherapists, and health workers, and teaches Clinical Practice at Edith Cowan University as a sessional lecturer.