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G&M Strategies: Strategic Alliance with Grace Najean to provide services to diminish "cultural divides" in organizations that arise either from differences between organizational culture or differences between national culture in various parts of organizations and projects.


Martin is a full member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO)

The ISPSO is a professional society that studies the application of systemic and psychoanalytic principles in work places. Martin is a member of the international liaison committee and of the e-committee which is overseeing the development of an on-line library of members' publications.


Group Institute International is a member of the Orgdyne Coach Consultants' Consortium which is an international network of organizational consultants who support each others work.

Martin is co-chair of the Special Interest Group that focuses on psychodynamics in organizations. This special interest group is available only to Orgdyne members.


Lonsdale Systems

Lonsdale Systems is a consultancy service that specializes in information systems, systems analysis and training in information systems. Phil Robinson, the Principal, was co-author with Martin on two award winning papers outlining the application of systems theory to organizations.

Group Institute International unreservedly recommends Lonsdale Systems as the provider of high quality services