Welcome to Group Institute International

Business consultants and facilitators for joint venture mega-projects, executives, leaders and managers

Action without certainty.   Courage without foolhardiness.  Creativity without chaos.  Plans without rigidity.

You would engage our services if you thought that your organization has lost the fire in its belly or if your people were not pulling together as much as you would like them to - and you’re not sure what to do about it.

We provide a highly skilled, personable and engaging professional service where we work alongside our clients to explore their needs and then help them mobilize their own resources to plan and implement positive and lasting organizational change.

Our philosophy is that we can never know as much about a client’s organization as do the people who have worked there a long time, but we aim to know a great deal about the complex science of organizational dynamics and psychology* and make that available to our clients.

So we walk alongside our clients, providing a powerful synthesis of their expertise and ours. We don’t tell clients what to do, but we provide a stimulus to their wisdom so that together arrive at powerful and effective solutions to their problems. You might call this a ‘facilitative style’ of consulting.  

We work at both the overt level and at the hidden level. It is relatively simple to address issues at the overt level but the hidden 'organizational politics' and complex webs of informal relationships and influence require a more sophisticated approach. It is these more difficult to address issues that make or break the success of organizations and hence the success of a consulting assignment.

While you're here...have a look at a wonderful international adventure therapy conference that's coming up in Aug/Sept 2018