Group Institute International: Client Portfolio

New Clients


St Bartholemew's Perth

Governance review and facilitation of Board and Senior Leadership Team for improvement of collaboration and role clarity

Western Australian Planning Commission and Infrastructure Coordinating Committee

Facilitation of collaboration workshops to underpin the success of the Pilbara Planning and Infrastructure Framework and the State Planning Strategy in the Pilbara. 

Gorgon LNG Project Expansion

Facilitating alignment between joint venture partners 

Roy Hill Project

Facilitating alignment between owner team, Project Management organization, EPCM contractor and sub-contractors

WA Association for Mental Health

Coordinating and facilitating the development of a "Sector strategic Development Framework" consultative document: With Caryl Macleod

Rio Tinto Global Project Management Excellence Forum - Florida, USA

This assignment involves collaborating closely with the Project Management Office, Technology and Innovation, to design and facilitate two multi-day workshops in 2012 with global scope. One workshop to be held in Queensland, Australia and the other in Salt Lake City, USA. Preparation and planning work commenced in October 2011.

Fortescue Metals Group: New Developments - innovation and optimization workshop

This involved collaborating with the FMG New Developments group to plan and facilitate a workshop that evoked creativity and innovaton for optimization of mid-term future projects.

VDM Group: Strategic renewal workshop

The assignment involved planning and facilitating a workshop of senior and mid-level executives and Board members to develop a pragmatic but well-grounded strategy and action plan to take VDM into its next level of effectiveness. Participants came from Perth and from Queensland. 


Mega Project Joint Venture Partnerships in the area of natural resource development

Note: Mega project Joint venture partnerships almost inevitably involve large international companies with strong commercial drivers where mis alignment between the JV companies is more common than is alignment. In these circumstances it is useful to engage an independent consultant whose role is to facilitate JV partners towards alignment and hence towards overall project success. The consultant maintains absolute confidentiality and neutrality working equally for all JV partners including minority partners.

It has been demonstrated that while it is possible for majority partners to force other JV partners into submission, such projects are likely to incur higher expenses and higher project risk factors than do collaborative JV partnerships. Savings of hundreds of millions of dollars can be achieved relatively easily by developing a collegial approach where each partner then feels inclined to offer helpful input and to concede concessions on some of its own 'pet' ideas.

Gorgon LNG development - Western Australia

This is a \$43 Billion dollar green fields LNG development that involves extracting gas from sub-sea fields, building the upstream feeds, constructing a multi-train LNG plant and shipping facilities on Barrow Island as well as creating a separate Domestic Gas production facility. For more than four years now I have facilitated 2- day off-site meetings of the senior representatives of each joint venture partner (Chevron - operator, Shell and ExxonMobil) to assist the JV to reach alignment. The project successfully reached agreement on the Final Investment Decision in late 2009 and now I have been engaged to facilitate the three Operating Committees that will take the project through to commissioning.

The Gorgon gas field had been subject to numerous previous development attempts, each of which had failed and so the success of this latest project is a significant turn around for the project.

For information on the project see

Ma'aden Phosphate project - Saudi Arabia

The Ma'aden phosphate project is a joint venture between Ma'aden and SABIC, through a joint company the Ma'aden Phosphate Co. A phosphate mine and ore processing plant is being constructed in Al Jalamid, just south of the Iraqi border and the phosphate production plant is being constructed further south at Ras Az Zawr. The total cost of the project is in the order of \$7 Billion USD and is being overseen by EPC contractor WorleyParsons Saudi Arabia. I was engaged by Worley Parsons and Ma'aden to conduct an organizational effectiveness study with a follow-up one year later. This involved visiting contractor, administration and construction sites in Australia, Korea, Italy and in two parts of Saudi Arabia.

Feedback from both phases was incorporated into the running of the project, with significant gains in organizational effectiveness achieved.

Wheatstone LNG development - Western Australia

Group Institute International has been facilitating the team development of the Wheatstone Management Committee since January 2010. The Joint Venture currently involves Chevron Australia as operator with Apache end KUFPEC as minority foundation partners. The first face-to-face off-site ManComm meeting was held on February 23 and 24, 2010 and the consultant has participated in each three-monthly meeting since.

For more information see:

Other clients and recent activities 

Leadership and executive training and development

Group Institute International works with internal Learning and Development staff to build the capacity of the client organization to design and run their own leadership and team effectiveness programs. The main clients we have worked with are RanhillWorley (Malaysia), PSN (Australia) and  Transfield Worley (Australia and New Zealand). This approach enables organizations to integrate culture change initiatives with leadership development and team effectiveness development and clients invariably report significant positive changes in organizational culture and effectiveness when programs have been implemented.

Plexal Group Australia/Thailand: Facilitation of Board Strategic Planning meeting

Group Institute International has consulted to the Plexal Group for approximately four years, mainly in the role of facilitator of strategic planning meetings and as executive coach. In February 2011 we facilitated a strategic planning meeting of the Plexal Board of Governance. See for information on Plexal Group. 

PSN (Production Services Network), leadership development

Between 2008 and 2011 Group Institute International has collaborated with the CEO and Organizational Capability Officer of PSN to develop and run leadership programs that are specifically tailored to the company's needs and that can be delivered by PSN Learning and Development staff themselves. The most recent was a leadership program for the PSN Executive team in Melbourne. See for more information on PSN global network. 

AJ Lucas and Gorgon/Chevron/JUJV Horizontal Drilling Team Alignment

In December AJ Lucas and Chevron Upstream requested the services of Group Institute International to help improve the collaboration and alignment between the teams in the two companies that were dealing with a horizontal drilling project. by March 2011 the combined team was demonstrating high levels of collaboration, alignment and team work. 

Team Dynamics in Medical Emergency Teams

In 2010 Group Institute International was approached to develop a scheme to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the formation and functioning of medical emergency teams in hospital settings. The research for this project is being conducted with international collaboration and is still progressing.