Group Institute International: About us

Group Institute International has been operating as a small independent organizational consultancy since 1993 (Formerly as Martin Ringer Consulting NZ Ltd). From the inception we have specialized in providing services that are developed specifically for each client, rather than selecting from a range of off the shelf products.

The main strengths of our services are as follows: -


The consulting business is a small, specialized enterprise with a significant strength in working with complex overt and covert issues in corporate settings. All engagements with clients are established on the understanding that organizations are complex dynamic and unpredictable enterprises that defy the full understanding of any one person. The company specializes in collaborating in-depth with clients to explore the subtleties of the issues that need to be addressed, whilst at the same time, honoring the need for organizations to limit the amount of time and money they expend with consultants. Successful outcomes are achieved not with the competence of the consultants alone, but with committed and robust collaboration between consultant and client.

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